Beginning Stages for the Solopreneur Microbusiness Owner

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Published: 23rd January 2013
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Itís a bit funny, I think, being in the early stages of launching an online company which helps others do the same. However, I've gathered information and practical experience over the years which I would like to impart. I feel itís the moment for me to not simply impart free suggestions, but rather to put my advice to the service of a higher number of folks and see lives positively affected.

Seeing that every individual is distinct and every situation and experience in life is distinctive itís hard for me to address into all situations at once, although I can create a successful starting position. I wish to see all of us be successful, not only supply a service and get paid. Anyway, I can only expect referrals from those I first help. You typically need to value a person before they will be concerned with you or your operation.

Building a healthy cornerstone:

With the intention to move forward in your life you must have a balanced framework. A healthy framework should include: diet system, exercising, fellowship and mental health concerns.


Your body is a machine. Because of this we need to care for the body well. We need to put the very best things in and continue to keep the bad foods away. It's really regrettable the wrong things taste so darn good! Unfortunately, to be at our best we all really need to put the best stuff in to keep the machine running right. Our bodies were created for labor and action. So we need to put the right stuff in to ensure we can use the body for what it was designed for. Since the majority of us donít deal with activity regularly we need to simulate physical activity with a workout.

At this point Iím not the healthiest man, therefore I can't advise you try out my routine to the letter, unless you feel it's more effective than your present regimen:

I begin the day with a glass of freshly juiced up vegetables and fruit. I put in:
2-3 stems of Kale
Bit of a beet (should fit easily into your hand)
Baseball size bundle of spinach, parsley and cilantro
1 carrot
Tennis ball size slice of cucumber
2 celery stems
1 apple
1 orange
Nickel size piece of ginger

Breville Juicer

Then I'll eat a small bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat or a waffle or yogurt with granola and fruit or bowl of cereal and a mug of coffee. For lunch I could have a peanut butter sandwich or salad and/or smoothie and for dinner a steak or fish or chicken and potatoes or rice or mac n cheese. Then dessert.

For physical exercise I go to the gym for an hour or ride my bike 12 to 30 miles about 3 times a week. Sometimes I use a bike trainer:

Bicycle Trainer

Mental Health

In order to keep your mind healthier you have got to choose quality encouraging people and avoid the bad folks. Definitely itís always beneficial to have sincere people in your life who can mention areas of improvement. You'll need to determine if youíre the ďI might need a kick in the butt to get movingĒ or not sort of individual. In either case, we should take a look at the folks in our lives and remove those pulling us down and keep those who lift us up.

Likewise we should fill our thoughts with good, positive, yet practical thoughts. While we need to keep it optimistic and surround ourselves with positive people, we must remain anchored in reality. Itís a balance, be sure youíre reinforcing uplifting and confidence generating thoughts. You can do whatever you put your thoughts to, but the real question is: what do you really want to do?

And lastly, we really need to consider the religious component. Myself? I'm a Christian. This means I study the teachings of Jesus Christ as outlined in the Holy Bible. We need to trust in something, a cause, larger than ourselves, which helps or meets the needs of others.

So a good day starts with a healthy and well balanced breakfast, time reading the holy bible and prayer (which includes thinking not only myself and my personal concerns but the needs of other people as well). Which ever way you begin your day it needs to be with a positive spin. Or else our likelihood of mistakes will drastically increase. Each day has its own problems, including dealing with negative people who will drain you or try to pull you down. A ready mind, body and heart is vital to move forward in life and to not allow these people a foothold in your life.

Holy Bible

Though itís great to try to accomplish a childhood dream, we may have to genuinely examine if we're completely ready, have the talent, ability and perseverance to do it.

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